Babylon is a multilevel nightclub located close to the center of the city. It features a large bar on the ground floor, pay by the hour private rooms upstairs, and a dance club in the basement level.

Drinks are reasonably priced for a club. Cover charges are minimal, and no one is refused entrance as long as they can pay. Minors often managed to slip passed the bouncer- as long as they happen to overpay for admission by mistake. The music downstairs is usually pulsing and hypnotic, so lud that even the cement floors seem to vibrate as the bass throbs. The lights are blinding and colorful, and if you're looking for it there is usually someone there to sell you something to make it all just a bit more intense and exciting.

Babylon is a hot spot for those looking for some late night company or to make a deal. The perfect place for both business and pleasure, you will never be bored at Babylon.

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