Canon Character Application

Before filling out the application, please be sure you have read the rules completely.

Keep in mind this game has a tendency toward being highly sexual and has dark plots. This does not appeal to everyone. If you don't think it's your kind of fun, don't continue.

Please be sure you are applying for your own reasons and not for a ship or because there are canon mates of the character you are applying for.

Fill out the application completely. We would like a real sense of character, not a glossing over of what we could learn about the character from Wikipedia. We have not limited word count so you can feel free to go as in depth in the background and personality sections as you feel is necessary.

Some characters need to be AU'd more than others. If you have any questions regarding ideas you may have, please email the mods at moc.liamg|sdomyojllik#moc.liamg|sdomyojllik

Your Information

Your Name:
Your LJ:
Your AIM SN: (if you have one)
Your Email:
Who you already play in this game: (if no one, leave blank)

Character Information

Character LJ:
Original canon:
Physical description:
Abilities: (if any)

Please tell us about your characters background: (This should be a re-write of their original canon, altered to fit into this game.)

Please tell us about their personality:

What is the person's housing situation?:

Job: (Try and adapt what they were in their true canon to this game's canon.)

Why do you want to bring this character to this game?: (What do you plan on doing with them? Why do you think they'll fit in at Killjoy rather than another game?)

Please write a short sample EP (post): (You may use this as your entrance post into the game if you'd like)

All applications should be sent to moc.liamg|sdomyojllik#moc.liamg|sdomyojllik

Please do not attempt to join any of the communities in this game until you receive our approval to do so.
Upon approval you will be prompted to sign up and join the wiki, do not join the wiki until we email you!

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