Alpha Bar

Reportedly the smallest bar in Kin City, the Alpha Bar seats 30 people during daylight hours when it serves as a pub style bar. At night, the tables are removed and the capacity goes up to 60. This includes the servers, bartenders, and band. It is notoriously hard to get into and on nights when local bands are set to play, people show up for dinner and stay just so they have a place in the audience.

Known to be a bit of a hipster hang out, you'll find most of the drinkers here sporting faded band shirts and scuffed sneakers. The bar serves mostly locally brewed independent beers, as well as a few pricy imports- somehow managing to be both cheep and pretentious at the same time. This isn't a bar you'd go to to watch a game, it's a bar to look cool in and listen to bands other people probably haven't heard of yet.

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Finlay Alexander Flynn

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