Albion Union

The Albion Union (or AU) is the unified government of the independent states of Anglia, Cymru Newydd and Beathainn, colonised by settlers from England, Wales and Scotland respectively.

The state of New Ulster / Nua-Thuaidh continues to be under dispute; currently it is a secondary member of the AU, having a voice in governance but subject to specific AU legislation. The bitter divide between those who want full nation status and those who want independence from any AU governance (as the government of Eireann has no desire to touch the issue) mirrors the conflict on Old Earth.


  • Despite the changes in place names, people from the AU member states still refer to themselves as English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish.
  • AU governance works similarly to EU governance today—while states are independent, they are subject to Union regulation (both legal and economic), share in development, and use the same currency.
  • However, to ease the bureaucratic burden at the time of settlement, the military and the internal and external intelligence services were designated to serve the entire AU. It's now too much of a hassle to decentralise them, and member state interests are similar anyway. (While there are new names and fancy acronyms for said intelligence services, they're commonly called MI5 and MI6, like the Old Earth orgs.)
  • Both the Anglian Parliament and the AU Parliament are located in New London, presumably because it's centrally located, though that does piss off the Welsh and Scots right well as it vaguely implies English superiority.
  • The main river that runs through New London is the Nova River; settlers didn't want another Thames but were too uncreative to think of a decent name. Londoners take a lot of flack for this from people elsewhere in Anglia and the AU.
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