The Akami are a race of beings whose society is based on masters and slaves. To control the slave population, special stones are used. Some are for healing, some are for companionship, one in particular allows the leader to transfer his consciousness into a new body at the end of his life.

Tangled up in this plot are Logan Echolls and Jack Harkness.

Nearly all links are of an adult nature.

Logan and Jack break into Atizi Tech, a subsidiary of Shi Corp. They do some looking around and find an interesting orb. It's a resurrection orb used by the Akami to keep their soldiers going even when wounded. In reality, it keeps the coming back to life. In an unfortunate twist of fate, Logan is killed in a robbery and Jack panics. He uses the orb and sets off an unforeseeable chain of events. They find out from some stolen paperwork that the orb is not enough. Logan needs a rare herb to take in conjunction with it to keep it working.

Following up a job, Jack and Logan go to meet with Josef Kostan. It turns out the orb had been his and had been stolen. He gives Jack the book that goes with the orb and the pair find out they are in over their heads. For the orb to work, Logan either needs a rare herb or the blood of a vampire and the blood of a mortal, which is an approximation of Akami blood. Jack does whatever it takes to keep Logan alive.

Returning to Josef, they find out that there are ways Logan can die and stay dead. In exchange for a drink from Jack, Josef lets them keep the orb as a back up. Logan expresses his dislike for Josef after they leave.

Jack and Logan do a job for Josef. It turns out to be a little theft, but the item in question is the armor of a Dalek. Jack is shaken and has questions. Josef threatens the pair of them and tells them to stay out of his business.

3-25 - 3-28
Not put off by the threats, Jack and Logan investigate the Daleks. They break into Josef's office and find out where the parts have been sent. In order to prepare, they buy a ship and Logan learns to fly. Logan also teaches Jack how to play games and lighten up once in a while. They spend a night doing enjoyable things before the work they have to do the next day. But in the process of investigating the lab, Logan is taken by a shadowy figure who works for Josef. Jack sets out to get the younger man back.

3-29 - 3-30
Jack confronts Josef who send him to The Other Side with little more than a map and a good wish. He finds Logan in the clutches of Nephamael. After a contest of wits, Jack gets Logan back but they are both incredibly injured. Jack takes care of Logan so they can get home, but ignores his own wounds. Once they find a door, they come through the Red Room and encounter Ginger. She patches Jack up and Logan takes him home where they take a drastic measure to counter the pixie venom. And then they talk a bit about how Logan kind of liked some of the things Nephamael did to him…and they play some games in a far less dangerous enviroonment.

Joseph offers the boys a job, warning Jack that he is wanted somewhere in the galaxy before sending them on their way. It isn't long before the Judoon catch up to them though. There is a great escape, friendly aliens, and a broken down ship that Jack is more than happy to fix.

Of course before they can go home, the boys decide to make one last stop… On Zinivita. A land full of gambling, sins, gangsters, and someone Jack never wanted to see again. The trip ends in blood and time travel, two things poor Jack is far to familiar with. Upon arriving home the boys are forced to deal with the emotional stress of the past few days, and a very drunk Jack ends up telling Logan that he had nearly hooked up with another man before their trip.

Hurt and confused Logan goes to the bar in hopes of finding someone to spend some time with, but when he runs into the gorgeous Hermes he finds himself unable to go any further than a kiss. Outside the bar he finds Jack, and the boys settle their problems the only way they know how.

Josef agrees to fund Torchwood in exchange for a few things. He even gives them a building to call home. Returning to Logan, things get a little hairy when they explore the warehouse. They decide to get Logan a real weapon and then retire to blow off some steam.

With the systems up and running, Torchwood gets a blip. Jack and Logan go to track it down. It's just space junk, but it's cool space junk. After investigating it enough to find out it's an alien kitchen appliance, Jack and Logan call it a night.

Jack and Logan track down a couple of artifacts that are related to the mysterious objects keeping Logan alive. They steal them from a display at the amusement park and then work on figuring them out. Things do not go as smoothly as one might hope, but there's still enough time and energy to wind up in bed. After that, Logan begins to get sick and they find that the object they stole is actually a different Akami stone. One that can keep Logan alive without the orb or the blood. The catch is that Jack has to feed it to him and they become bound.

After bringing Spencer Reid onto the team, the pair of them go out of the city to investigate what appears to be a crash. Reid is taken hostage and before Jack can save the day, the hostile blows himself up. Jack panics a bit but gets them back to the warehouse for the Torchwood medic, Alistair, to check them out…and with artifacts and a corpse.

After Jack returns home in one piece, Logan takes out some aggression and worry on him. Then things settle down and they spend some relatively calm time together with some actual deep discussion about what they've got going on.

In the course of Torchwood business, Jack and Logan come across a Gollian portal. They journey to another world where it turns out that they're lucky they can't die.

Logan decides to use to portal again, unaware that the Gollian's have made it not for themselves but for the Akami. John Hart is waiting when he goes through and takes Logan captive. Jack swoops in to play hero, but John knows about the stone. Things go from bad to worse before the job is complete and Jack sends a none too happy John on his way. The event wasn't wholly unecessary- Jack and Logan learn more about the stone that Logan swallowed and what it can do. Namely, make him Jack's willing slave.

One of Logan's professors expresses an interest in the young man. His research involves the Akami stones and it seems Dr. Ryesm knows more than he's letting on.

Professor Ryesm invites Logan back to his apartment to finish their research. It's just a ruse, though, and the man assaults Logan and uses him as a slave. He ultimately attacks him and cuts the stone out of his belly. Jack arrives in the nick of time with the orb and tries to make things right…starting with killing Ryesm and making it look like a mugging.

After a fight and a night apart, Jack and Logan get back together and play a little game. It takes a turn toward the serious when Logan becomes an automaton and the pair decide to find out just what the stone can do and how much control Jack really has over Logan.

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