Adriel Noah Grayson

Name: Adriel Noah Grayson
Age: 248
Race: Shape-shifter/Human crossbreed

PB: As a shape-shifter Adriel can look like anyone, but his three main human forms are Simon Amstell, Ethan Hawke, and Ki-woo Lee.

About: Growing up a cross between a human and a shape-shifter left Adriel very unsure of who he was, and as a result he formed three separate personalities to live through- each taking one of his names.

Adriel (Ethan Hawke PB): (Sounds American. Think California) Adriel appears to be in his late thirties. He's white, male, with blue-green eyes and brown hair. Adriel spends most of his time downtown. Sometimes he boxes in underground fights, but mostly he hustles unsuspecting patrons at pool and darts.

He has a temper and isn't above taking things outside when it comes to settling a score.

Noah (Ki-woo Lee PB): (Very general sounding American Accent. Hard to place. Think TV American) Though he has Asian features Noah is 6' 3". He's lean and fit, with flawless skin and dark hair that occasionally appears to have an almost ginger tint to it. Noah spends most of his days in the business district where he keeps a loft and occasionally dabbles in finance management. He owns a firm that manages investments, but has very little to do with the day to day business, instead choosing to spend his time at museums and coffee shops.

Noah will appear calm and even kind, always seemingly friendly, but aware of his imposing height and not above using his appearance to intimidate others when he needs to.

Grayson (Simon Amstell PB): (Sounds Russian when he speaks, though his accent is fairly light) Grayson is average height and lean- almost sickly looking. He has pale skin and dark curly hair, his features are sharp but his eyes are kind. Gray spends most of his time in the seedier parts of the city, sometimes clubs, sometimes parties, other times alone in dark corners of unsavory bars. A habitual drinker and recreational drug user, Grayson prides himself on being a functioning addict..

Wolf (Wolf PB): Adriel can transform into animals as well and occasionally becomes a wolf.

He has other personalities that come and go, but these are the most common.

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