Aaron Hotchner

Name: Aaron Hotchner
Character LJ: BAU Chief Hotch
Player: Shan
Original canon: Criminal Minds
Age: 36
Race: Human
Physical description: 6' 2" tall, dark hair and brown eyes, physically fit with a medium build. Dresses in button down shirts and trousers, is rarely seen without his tie unless he is at home.
Wealth: Mid-to-high income
Living Situation: In a modest two room apartment since his wife filed for divorce.


Hotch first met his future wife Haley Brooks in high school. They married soon thereafter, and were initially happy together. Before joining the FBI, Hotch worked as a prosecuting attorney for the District Attorney's office. He has a younger brother named Sean who is a chef in New Jia. His mother is an alumna of Mary Baldwin College in Staunton. Their father was a workaholic lawyer who survived cancer but suffered a heart attack at 47, dying while Sean was still a child.

The job was difficult to balance with his family life and recently his wife Haley filed for divorce, taking with her their young son, Jack. Since then, Hotch has given everything of himself to the job, the bureau, and his team.

Once, a killer named Vincent Perotta questioned Hotch as to the meaning of "some people from extremely abusive and violent households grow up to become killers." Responding, Hotch replied, "And some people grow up to catch them." This hints that Hotch might have been abused by his father while his mother did nothing to stop it.


Hotch is extremely driven, a quality that gives him a somber quality and a certain level of stoicism. He is devoted to his job, something that conflicts with his devotion to his family. Since Haley filed for divorce, Hotch rarely smiles. It is obvious that his job weighs on him heavily. He considers his team to be a sort of family as well and is protective of them, sometimes almost savagely. While he does know how to relax, most people think he's closed off, cloaked as he is by his serious demeanor.

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